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Validator verifies the content of your files, data tables or emails according to your own validation rules
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30 April 2015

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Helps check files of different types and validates the format type.

meltingSquares Checker will automatically check your documents according to your own validation rules. Files one uses, often must meet specific constraints. Verifying this may become a very tedious task. You would need a automated tool to do such validation easily. Documents such as data tables or emails often need to meet specific constraints of content. With this check you will be able to ensure you team working with any such constraint will be able to work safely with guaranteed quality. A lot of files could be verified on the fly with this tool easily. One would be able to apply sophisticated rules easily. It is possible to verify historical data as well as in real-time. Many document formats could be supported and the settings saved for future use. One could extend the functionality of the module quickly.

It is possible to analyze data tables according to validation rules you set up. A document template could be set up which defines these validation rules. For each element of your document, constraints such as size, type, format, allowable values , etc. can be set up. You would be able to set up more complex and sophisticated constraints too. Once you have configured rules, all you need to do to get checks done is through clicks. You can obtain a summary report of compliance outlining the errors and warnings based on actual documents found. You can then correct the document and ensure it is completely validated. Multiple input formats such as plain text, CSV, Excel, etc. are supported.

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You often have to use documents (files, data tables or emails) that meet specific content constraints. If these documents' compliance was until then a binding task, Validator will now allow you to automatically check them according to your own validation rules.
Save valuable time to your teams and guarantee the quality of their work with this simple and scalable solution.
Validator verifies the content of your files, data tables or emails according to your own validation rules. To perform the verification, it relies on a template that allows you to define, for each element of your document, basic constraints (size, type, format, allowable values...) and more complex constraints.
Once your verifcation rules configured, you simply click on a button to start checking. Validator will then display a summary report of compliance that outlines the errors and warnings in the document. You can correct and export it in the format you want, then verify again the document if needed.
Validator supports multiple input formats (plain text, CSV, Excel...). With an intuitive interface, the tool is also easy to use. It also allows you to keep your work (your settings and your search results) in projects.
meltingSquares Validator
meltingSquares Validator
Version 1.2
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